Community Gardens

Friendship Garden Sign
Harmony Garden Sign

2023 RETURNING GARDENERS:  Packets were mailed out in February. Please return your signed contract and payment to Rachel by April 1, 2023 or let me know if you are planning not to return this season.

If you are interested in a plot for 2023, you live in the City of Anoka and did not have a plot last year.  Please contact Rachel to put your name on a waiting list.  NOTE: This year's list is very long already.

General Information

The City of Anoka has two different community garden locations.  Each location has a water source, compost pile and garbage can.
  • Friendship Gardens - located at  804 Jackson St & 8 1/2 Avenue and has 19 plots that are approximately 25 x 25 each. 
  • Harmony Gardens - located at 2905 Sixth Avenue & Johnson Street and has 27 plots that are approximately 15 x 20 each.

During Watering Bans

Depending on the weather conditions each year, watering bans may be put into place.  

PLEASE HELP TO CONSERVE WATER: Odd/even watering restrictions typically take place June 1 through August 31 each year.
  • Friendship Gardeners are allowed to water on even days.
  • Harmony Gardeners are allowed to water on odd days.

Yearly Schedule

Schedule may change slightly each year, depending on responses and requests.
  • March 1st to Mid-March – Initial letters are sent to all gardeners from the previous year, to give them the first opportunity to renew their contracts. Some years this is sent out a little earlier depending on requests.
  • March - April 1st - Deadline for returning gardeners to respond if they plan on renewing their contracts.
  • Mid April to End of April - Staff's timeframe to follow-up and contact those who haven't responded to initial mailing.
  • May 1st to 1st Week in May - Open garden plots are made available first to those on a waiting list; in the order they were received.  Or if there is no list, open plots are advertised to the public.
  • If there is not a waiting list, the current gardeners may apply for a second plot or multiple plots so they don't go unmanaged throughout the season.
  • Before Mother's Day Weekend - Staff tires to have all the garden plots filled.
  • Mother's Day Weekend - Is typically when the gardens have been tilled by our Public Services Department (depending on weather).  Gardeners are allowed to start planting once the gardens have been tilled.
  • Mother's Day Weekend - Typically the first weekend gardeners are allowed to start planting.  Some years this has been done earlier, but water is typically not turned on until there is NO CHANCE of a hard freeze.
  • Throughout Season - As plots are not maintained or gardeners leave or can't maintain their plots; advertisements will be made to the public if garden plots open up.  Also, if there is a waiting list; first opportunities are given to those on the list.