Lead and Copper Rule Revision

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently altered its drinking water standards related to lead and copper. This is called the Lead and Copper Rule Revision. The rule was enhanced to protect property owners by reducing their exposure to lead and copper. Lead can cause serious health problems if too much enters your body. 

The drinking water provided to residents from the City of Anoka does not contain lead. However, lead can enter the drinking water from lead service lines and plumbing fixtures made with lead components through the corrosion process. These materials were commonly used before 1986. 

Inventory of Water Service Lines
As part of the new requirements, the City of Anoka is required to inventory the water service lines and the type of materials used (lead, galvanized pipe, non-lead or unknown). The water service line is the pipe that connects the residence to the City's watermain in the street. 

What We Are Asking of Residents
The City of Anoka will be using different methods to inventory these pipes. Historical records, service line replacements, physical inspections, and the help from residents via an online survey application. 

What do you need to do? 

  1.  Locate your water service line in the lower level of your home. An example of the line is shown in the graphic below. 
  2.  Fill out a quick online survey application or scan the adjacent QR code .  
  3.  If you can’t locate your service line or need assistance identifying the pipe material, please do not hesitate to contact us at 763-576-2923. The City will come to your residence at no charge and assist in identifying your service line material.  Thank you.Water line
Lead Water Service Line Inventory

Scan the QR code to complete the inventory form or click the link under #2 under What do you need to do?  

  1. Pete Klingenberg

    Water & Sewer Supervisor