How do I reach the City Manager?

The City Manager is the City’s full-time Chief Executive Officer. You may reach him at 763-576-2711.

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1. How do I get to Anoka City Hall?
2. Where is the Mayor’s Office?
3. How do I reach the City Manager?
4. Where and when does the City Council meet?
5. Can I attend the Council meetings?
6. How do I get placed on a Council agenda?
7. Can I get a copy of the Council agenda or minutes?
8. Do I have to obtain a license to operate a business in Anoka?
9. Where do I go to vote in an election?
10. Are meeting rooms at City Hall available to the public?
11. Do I need a permit to build a deck, fence, swimming pool, shed, etc.??
12. Do I need to license my dog and/or cat?
13. Is the City of Anoka hiring?
14. Where do I get a marriage license application or birth/death certificate?
15. Who should I direct concerns about the community to?
16. Where do I go take a driver's test, or renew my license?
17. How do I find a copy of my marriage license?
18. What is required to make door-to-door sales?