2022 SSIP Project

Construction Update: (Week of July 18)

  1. Background information

The Street Surface Improvement Program (SSIP) began in 2009 for city streets showing accelerated deterioration in order to create longer term benefits than just with roadway maintenance. Since this program began, over 2,100 properties have benefitted, and 20.0 miles of city streets have been resurfaced or 20% of the 69.1 miles of city streets.

The 2022 SSIP is proposed to be approximately 2.2 miles of resurfacing for the neighborhood of the Brom and Dunham Oaks Additions. The 2022 SSIP project will also include the portion of Randal Drive cul-de-sac west of 7th Avenue. The project will also include resurfacing the parking lot at George Enloe Park and paving the parking lot at Rudy Johnson Park. The estimated cost of this project is $2,403,000. 

SSIP displays_2022 (Randal Dr)
  1. Review Supporting Materials
  1. Infrastructure Changes

This project is proposing a number of new infrastructure changes which consist of the following: 

  • The addition of rain gardens to help improve water quality and absence of modern-day storm sewer, click here to view the exhibit 

Infrastructure Change Rain Garden Exhibit

  1. Special Assessment Information

Special assessments are a charge imposed on properties for a particular improvement that benefits the owners of those selected property. Based on Minnesota Statues Chapter 429, the city has the authority to “levy and collect assessments for the project upon property benefited thereby”.

There are no special assessments proposed for this project.

  1. Project Schedule

The following is the proposed project schedule:


August 16 

City Council Authorized Feasibility Report

December 7

Neighborhood Meeting @ Green Haven Golf Course and Event Center

December 20

City Council Approves Feasibility Report and waives Public Improvement Hearing


January 18

City Council Orders Project and Authorizes the Preparation of Plans and Specifications

February 7

City Council Approves Plans and Specifications and Authorizes Advertisement for Bid

March 15

Open Bids at City Hall @ 11:00 am

April 4  

City Council Approves Bids and Awards Contract


Start Construction

October 21 

Construction Substantial Completion

October 28 

Construction Final Completion

  1. Underground Irrigation Systems

Construction activity may disrupt the boulevards where an irrigation system may be installed. We feel that as a part of the project, it is our responsibility to restore the systems we have been notified about. The City of Anoka will hire an irrigation system contractor to repair your system if it is damage during construction. 

Click here to fill out a brief questionnaire, which will provide notice to the city that your property has an irrigation system.   

Regrettably, if we do not receive acknowledgement that you have an irrigation system by the time construction starts this spring, it will be your sole responsibility to repair your own system. Click here to fill out a brief questionnaire.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

Click the PDF or video to find answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is still not answered, please refer to the next tab.

  1. Submit a Question or Provide Feedback

If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please click here to fill out the resident feedback form and a project team member will reach out to you. You can also email project questions to via email at publicservices@ci.anoka.mn.us.